Self-Love & Self-Sabotage – and how Neither have Anything to do with Business Results

Want to succeed in your business, but struggling to get the results you want?

Have you been worried that your not reaching your business goals yet is a result of an issue with self-love, or negative self beliefs?

Are you worried that you might be sabotaging yourself?


There is a lot of advice out there suggesting that business success is the result of ‘personal’ mastery and suggesting people focus on themselves as the source of their results.  If you listen to this advice, it is easy, in today’s modern age where ‘positive thinking’ and the ‘self-esteem movement’ link everything to the way you think, to conclude that the reason you aren’t achieving your financial goals is you, and your beliefs.

The reality, however, is that business results (and business struggles) are the result of something altogether different.

Which is GREAT news.


But it’s important if you want to achieve your goals that you learn why focusing on yourself is a really bad place to focus your attention and energy.


On day one of this two-day workshop, you’ll learn why self love and self sabotage are not something you need to be worried about in business – and what you really need to be thinking about and focused on instead.

Over the course of the two days, you’ll also have the chance to learn:

  • what’s really going on underneath your business results
  • the actual keys to business success
  • what you need to actually be looking at to create results in your business

We will spend some time on the theory, and some time on the practical, working on your business.

You’ll learn how to think about your business, results and what you offer and you’ll walk away with a clear action plan to create upward momentum in your business.

What would knowing the actual cause of your struggle, so you can rectify it, be worth to your business?



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$1890 NZD* per person
Tuition payable by direct debit, online banking, Paypal, or credit card via Paypal.
*Payment options available. Please email me for details. Tuition is $2800 for a couple working in the same business.

To book, please email me at


Been sent this page and don’t know who I am?  Hi. I’m Jasmine Platt. I’ve been helping people to achieve their goals – including their business goals – since 2002. One of the things people in business often struggle with is their mindset and what to focus on to create results . They may have great skills, great ideas, great products, but they don’t know how to get them selling. If you have a great product or service and you want to learn how to achieve your business goals, this workshop teaches you what you need to focus on.

Want to know if this workshop would be good timing for you in your business? Email me at to make a time to talk.