You are committed to your business success – and you’re looking for training and mentoring from a business mentor who understands your goals and needs.

The idea of joining a group of likeminded, committed business-owners in a supportive environment and making new business friends appeals to you.

This program, run via weekly tele-seminars, is designed for people who want training, coaching and mentoring to support them to achieve their business goals.

Whether you are new to business, or more experienced, this program is designed to give you the best of having a personalised experience of being supported to grow your business, while having the opportunity to learn from and with others.

The Process

Before you join the program, we start out with a 90 minute, private 1:1 Kickstarter session (in person or via Skype) to dial in your goals and needs, so that we know where you’re at.

You then have access to 8 weeks of group training and coaching to support you and your business goals.  Because we’ll have had a 1:1 beforehand, I can speak to your needs, as appropriate, during the course of your training.

In this program, you will receive 8 training calls covering topics like:

  • How to Succeed in Business
  • Your Business Strategy
  • Crafting your Offer(s)
  • Marketing
  • Successful Sales and Sales Psychology
  • Success Psychology
  • Self Love and Self Sabotage – and how Neither have Anything to do with Business
  • How to Set Up Your Goals for Success

If after the 8 weeks, you’d like to carry on working together, you can apply to continue, or to upgrade to private mentoring or the Platinum Mastermind.

Please note there is no travel included in this program. If you like the idea of attending international retreats to work on your business in a group environment, you might like to check out my Platinum Mastermind program.

What You’ll Get

In this program, you will get:

  • a 2-hour Kickstarter Session to dial in your goals and needs
  • 8 weeks of training, including Q&A sessions and live hotseat coaching
  • Access to all training tools

How to Apply

It is important that before you join the group, that we are both clear that it is a good fit. It’s also important that we clearly understand your goals and needs. To make a time to have this conversation, please email me directly on